Another Fun Weekend with RST Performance at the VIR 13 hr

Alton, Va. (Oct. 22-23, 2013)

Robby would once again drive with RST Performance in a long endurance race. Virginia International Raceway, one of Robby’s favorite tracks would provide the setting for the 13 hr event.  The RX-8 would once again be run on the Dunlop Direzza Z-II, but this time the team would compete in STU, a class with a wide variety of cars, with a wide variety of speed among them, but 13 hours is a long time and anything could happen.

Friday began with a test day where all the drivers split time.  The Blethen brothers (Stephen & Raymond) would share the car with Robby, and his dad.  After a minor transmission issue the car was feeling good going into qualifying.  Robby would qualify the car, and did some competitive times early in the session, but traffic was proving to be tough.  “Anytime you would catch a slower car your lap was blown,” explained Foley.  “For a fast lap you just had to hope that you didn’t catch someone in the esses or down to oak tree.  You had to be extremely efficient in traffic to have any hopes of a quick lap.”   Robby qualified 25th overall out of 56 which was good considering the street tires.

Robby started the race and did the first 2 hours and 20 minutes with the only hiccup being a speeding penalty.  The ensuing hours of the race went as planned with solid pit stops from the RST Crew, and generally good driving from the drivers.  Robby got back in the car for the second to last stint during the night and ran a solid hour stint doing decent times.  “I love driving at night,” explained Robby.  “The track is so dark that you can’t see much so you get into this zone.  There is nothing else in the world like it.”  Raymond Blethen would finish out the race strong.

After the 13 hr duration the RST Performance team finished 19th overall, and 4th in class.

Robby would like to personally thank the RST team for giving him the opportunity to drive again!