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Born: 7/20/96

Birth place: Denville, NJ

Current residence: Randolph, NJ

School: Auburn University

Hair color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6ft. 3in.

Weight: 225lbs

Family: Parents, Rob and Cathy, sister Stephanie, cat bigfoot, dog Leo and former dog Racer

School: Randolph High School

Other interests: Football and Baseball

Robby has always had a passion for motorsports.  Since birth he was always around race cars with his dad.  Robby started his driving career running karts in SCCA auto-x.  Even at the young age of eight it was apparent that he had a natural talent and he soon started to enjoy success karting.  Soon after he began karting, Robby began to compete nationally in auto-x traveling to National Tours and Pro-Solo’s with his dad who has been an SCCA member since 1986.  Robby ran Karts nationally from 2005 to the end of 2009 earning numerous trophies and a third place in 2008 at the Tire Rack SCCA Solo National championships and a Second place overall in the year end Pro-Solo championship.

After 2008 and growing to 6ft 180lbs. the power to weight ratio was unfavorable so racing was put on the side for a while.  After playing Football and Baseball for a while on September 11, 2010 Robby’s life was changed forever after his left leg was severely injured.  After tearing his lcl, acl, and pcl, as well as breaking his tibia, fibula, and ankle, and suffering a peroneal nerve palsy his focus was back to racing.  Following surgery and rigorous therapy  Robby was able to walk again and then wanted to start racing cars.  In April of 2011 fresh of crutches Robby went to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to a Skip Barber School to transfer from driving a kart to a car.  After successfully transferring into a car Robby sought out to get his SCCA license at age 15.  Very few people are eligible to get cleared to compete at 15 as they have to have a strong resume representing that they have the previous experience and maturity to be trusted on a racetrack.  After being approved, since there were no SCCA drivers schools around Robby took the “Non-traditional” drivers school path getting signed off on a test day and the rest is history.

Racing by the Years


  • Will be competing full time as a Mazda Development driver on scholarship in the 2016 Battery Tender MX-5 Cup in the new generation MX-5 Cup car.


  • 2015 Skip Barber Pro Challenge Champion
  • Competed in Pirelli World Challenge TCA at COTA and was the fastest on track all weekend scoring pole position.  Unfortunately after leading the whole race the engine expired on the last lap.
  • Competed full time in the Skip Barber Pro Challenge within the Battery Tender MX-5 Cup and won the championship
  • Ran the VIR 13hr and finished 2nd in class


  • Tested with TRG Aston Martin Racing at Laguna Seca, on pace with the team driver’s
  • Competed in the Skip Barber Pro Challenge within the Mazda MX-5 Cup by BFG finishing 3rd in
    the championship; cumulatively most laps led during season
  •  Competed in the Devil in the Dark 12hr Endurance Race at New Jersey Motorsports Park
    (Thunderbolt Circuit) in an Improved Touring R Mazda RX-8
  • Made Debut in Pirelli World Challenge in a TCA RX-8


  •  Finished 3rd Overall in Skip Barber Racing School Mazdaspeed Winter Series
  • Awarded Rookie of the Year in that series
  • Received SCCA Pro Racing License at age16 years, 6 months
  • Competed in Devil in the Dark 12hr finishing 4th in class, and 7th overall in a field of 39, driving
    an Improved Touring R Mazda RX-8.
  • Competed in the Skip Barber Pro Challenge within the Mazda MX-5 Cup by BFG finishing 3rd in
    the championship
  • Competed in the Charge of the Headlight Brigade 13 hour endurance race at Virginia
    International Raceway (VIR) in an Improved Touring R Mazda RX-8


  • First event of the Year for Robby was March at VIR where he would compete in his final two sanctions to earn his national license at the age of 15; an achievement only a few kids in the country have accomplished.
  • Being one of few kids in the country with national license credentials Robby was asked to instruct at the SCCA March Lion Drivers School at NJMP Lightning where his student successfully passed, and was signed off.
  • Competed in Devil in the Dark 12 hr and finished 3rd after a race full of mechanical problems
  • Rd. 3 of the Pro-it series was another weekend full of mechanical issues spending half of the 45 min race fixing a coolant leak
  • Rd. 5 of the Pro-it series was next, and was going much better than previous events this year.  After an ITB Pole in qualifying the race was going well until an electrical gremlin from the alternator to the battery developed a miss causing a loss of power which over the last fifteen minutes of the race caused us to lose the lead, and subsequently finish 3rd.
  • Next was the IT-Fest at Mid-Ohio and Robby’s first time to the track.  Robby had good speed all weekend, but it was evident that the car didn’t have the power to hang with the ITB leaders.  Turning good laps all weekend qualifying 6th on Saturday.  After consistent qualifying races all weekend Robby was optimistic for the final race Sunday, but after 3 laps the wire to the coil fell off causing a loss of power and an end to the race for Robby.
  • After the IT-Fest Robby traveled back to Mid Ohio to run a Skip Barber lapping day in preparation for the Skip Barber Winter Series set to begin in November.  After a successful day Robby is looking forward to competing in the winter series.
  • Finished rookie of the year in the Skip Barber Winter Series earning scholarship for the pro series in 2016


  • After recovering from his harsh left leg injury in Sept. of 2010 well enough Robby headed to Laguna Seca for a Skip Barber School in the MX-5’s to make the transition from Karts to cars.  This served as a valuable experience to get used to 3 pedals, suspension etc.
  • Robby attended a SCCA drivers school at age 14 to earn his classroom credentials
  • Shortly after his 15th birthday, and after being specially approved by the SCCA Robby went to a test day at NHMS to get signed of on his novice permit to Race.  Robby was only the 3rd person in the country to go through the Drivers School process the non traditional way by getting signed of on a test day.
  • His first race was Summer Thunder at NJMP’s Thunderbolt track.  Since his dad was running for points in ITB Robby ran the car in STL(Super Touring Light) sharing the car with his dad.  Even though it was Robby’s first time to the track he was running times that would have been  competitive in ITB.  Most importantly he ran clean and got passed on his first of 6 SCCA sanctions required for 15 year olds to earn their National License.
  • Next it was back to NHMS in September for a double regional where Robby got two more sign offs from the stewards.
  • The conclusion of 2011 for Robby was the Jersey Road Racing Classic(JRRC) at NJMP lightning.  This was his first time on lightning, but he took to the track very quickly after running a time 1.5 seconds quicker than his dad who was the 2011 PRO-IT champ for ITB.  This was another good weekend for Robby finishing second in STL and getting his forth sign off.


  • 2010 was a year off from racing, but was definitely a tough year for Robby after he was injured playing football tearing his LCL, ACL, and PCL, as well as breaking his tibia, fibula, and ankle.  Also perhaps the most significant part of the injury was that Robby suffered a peroneal never palsy causing him to have severe foot drop.


From 2004-2009 Robby was competing in karts in SCCA solo as well as some indoor racing.  Some accomplishments include

  • Dozens of National level auto-x wins and trophies
  • 2008 was the first year formula junior karts were run at the SCCA Solo 2 National Championship where Robby finished 2nd in the Pro-Solo and 3rd in the Solo 2