Consistent weekend at the Houston GP puts Foley back in the Championship

Houston, Tx. (June 27-29, 2014)

It was  a hot weekend in Houston, but Robby was looking forward to getting going on the tight technical street circuit around NRG Park.  The track takes Robby back to his autoxing roots except there are walls to hit rather than cones.  It was a short weekend with no promoter test day so on track action began right with official practice.  In practice 1 Robby held P1 for the majority of the session, but then would eventually end P3.  It would be a similar story in practice 2 where Robby ended P3 as well.  With new sticker tires for qualifying Robby was ready to attack for the pole.  In the early laps Robby was able to put down a competitive time that would put him P1 where he remained for a while only to be bumped down to P3 in the final minutes, which seemed to be a reoccurring theme throughout the weekend.

Race 1 was a hair raising battle throughout the 45 min duration.  Robby got a great start and was able to pass for the lead on the first lap.  The battle up front was fierce between Drake Kemper, Ben Albano and Foley.  Eventually Robby ended up in P3 after a hard fought battle in the extreme heat.  Overall Robby showed good pace and his 3rd place finish was excellent for his points in the championship.  Race 2 was also a hard fought battle in the extreme Houston heat.  Robby began to have a bit of brake fade as the pedal got longer and longer.  “I probably wasn’t kind to my brakes in race 1,” explained Foley.  “I just simply overheated them and warped the rotors slightly.”  So besides the extreme heat and competition, Robby had to be mindful of his fading brakes.  Throughout the rest of the race Robby was focused on maintaining P3 which he successfully did.  On the strength of these two third place finishes Robby is now back in the championship fight.

Robby would like to personally thank his parents, Mazda, Skip Barber, BF Goodrich, and SCCA Pro Racing for the opportunities he has been given.