Consistently Good Weekend for Robby Foley at CTMP

Bowmanville, Canada (July 18-21, 2013)- Canadian Tire Motorsport Park was to be Robby’s first race outside of the U.S.  After driving with his family up to Canada Robby was excited to get on track.  This was Robby’s first time to CTMP, formerly known as Mosport.  Thursday was a test day with one official practice.  The track proved to be nothing like anything Robby had previously experienced.  All of the elevation and blind corners would be a challenge for Robby, but a challenge that he was looking forward to.  The Mx-5 cup cars average over 90 mph at CTMP which makes driving quick a tricky endeavor.   Testing went well, and Robby got up to speed quickly.

In the first practice Thursday evening Robby planned to work on setup.  With thirty minutes to work with  Robby would do a few laps then make a change, then test it, and the process would continue.  Due to the heat and humidity Robby never really felt like he had the car under him.  Friday morning was another practice where Robby continued to work on the setup.  Robby ended practice two P2, P3 in combined practice.  Next on Friday was qualifying where a drivers best lap sets their starting position for race 1, and their second best lap sets their position for Race 2.  Robby was fighting some under steer in qualifying, so he couldn’t get down to the time he set in practice.  Even so Robby qualified P3 for both races, running two nearly identical lap times.

Race 1 was set to start at 7:15 pm on Saturday, an unusually late start.  Robby made a good start pressuring Kenton Koch into turn 1, but after getting held up he dropped to P3, then there was a Playboy Cup car that spun in turn 8.  Because the driver didn’t go both feet in he rolled backwards, and took out Drake Kemper.  Robby was able to narrowly escape having to go off roading to avoid the car but as a result he dropped back in the field.  Throughout the ensuing laps Robby was working to improve his position when he caught the same car that had spun on lap 1.  Despite that driver being a lap down, and in a different class he was still racing Robby, and David Knight, and it took a few laps to get around this lap car.  So after eventually getting around the Playboy Cup car Robby and David had a good race for P2 where Robby came out on top.

Race 2 was just as hectic as Race 1 but in different ways.  For the first few laps Robby lost the draft, and the three cars of Drake Kemper, Lucas Bize, and Kenton Koch, held a steady gap over Foley, but because they were battling together Foley was able to catch back up after running some impressive fast, and consistent laps.  There was then a 1 lap caution due to a car off in turn 8.  Then on the re-start after a bit of a mess in turn 9 Robby was P2 then he drafted by Drake Kemper to take the lead on the back straight.  After leading for a few laps Robby relinquished thee lead back to Drake Kemper.  There was then a second, very long caution, that left only one lap of green at the end where Foley couldn’t quite get to Kemper, but he was able to hold off Kenton, and Lucas.  The final order was Kemper, Foley, Knight.

Robby would like to thank his Parents, his sister for the pictures, Skip Barber, Mazdaspeed, BFG, and SCCA Pro for making it a great weekend.