Up and Down Weekend for Robby at Sebring

Sebring, Fla. (Feb 14-17, 2013)

An up and down weekend for Foley started off well.  Being that it was Robby’s first time at Sebring he had a steep learning curve.  Despite this Robby found speed quickly and ended the first practice in P2.  After the second practice Robby was P5, but still picking up time.  Next was Qualifying, and while working with Bryan Hixon Robby ran a time of 2:40.8, .39 off pole (Drake Kemper) and only .088 back from second place which was Bryan Hixon.  The race was looking promising as Robby would be starting 3rd.  After some position swapping on lap 1 Robby settled in to 3rd.  The battles were heating up as the lead pack of 4 swapped positions many times per lap.  Robby began to miss gears throughout the race, but thought it was just a result of tight battles and that he was just making mistakes, but the rough Sebring track was taking a tole on the drive train and on the last lap in turn 16 the transmission had some sort of internal failure.  Although the race ended in a frustrating way for Foley finishing 5th, he did show that he had real speed posting fastest lap.  Race 2 was very frustrating, as a huge drop in temperature made the cars unequal, making some cars more powerful.  Robby just cruised around to a disappointing 4th position.  Race 1 was a huge learning opportunity running in a train of 4 for the duration of the race, so it was a good weekend overall despite some misfortunes.